A few years ago, we decided we were going to spend more time enjoying life. Traveling in our camper bubbled to the top of our priorities. Since then we've learned to take it easy on our road trips. And have plenty of tips on what discount programs work best for campers.



While we are out and about in our camper, we love finding interesting places to visit. Upon arriving at our destination, we immediately look for hiking trails. Did you know there are likely many hiking, biking, and walking trails for all levels close to you? Get out and explore them!



Even in the camper dishes have to get done. But that doesn't mean we can't do some of our favorite activities like bowling. Taking care of ourselves is also important while bee-bopping around the continent. Road trips are less stressful when you do familiar things.


In 2014, Jeff & Kim Teeple rented a camper for a week. Upon returning home, we bought a 26ft Crossroads Reserve travel trailer. The following summer, we hitched the camper to our F150 and drove to Bear Lake, Utah to visit Jeff’s sisters and their families. That trip changed our lives.

He hope you will follow us on our journeys of North America for our quest to reach all of our 9 dream destinations.

Jeff & Kim